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The Hooked on Books shows - every school’s favourite event - now offers an exciting new service… you can buy the books directly from us. Reduce the hassle of sourcing these books by contacting us directly. Simply select the titles and we will endeavor to deliver to you asap subject to availability. What’s more, HOB online will donate a set of current books to a school which can’t afford to stock them.

About Us

Growing avid readers is our objective. 

 Hooked on Books started out over 20 years ago. Our name is synonymous with making reading fun and enjoyable for young learners.We visit close to 600 schools nationwide and reach over 100,000 learners between the ages 2 - 13 years annually.  We bring the best selection of children's literature to your schools. Our Books are not chosen at random or based just on reviews. The Hooked on Books team spends months every year going through a multitude of books to sift out the best and most acceptable. We adhere to a battery of stringent criteria in our endeavour to select healthy, wholesome and fun literature that educators and parents can approve of.

Enthusing young learners to read books is what we do best!

Fiona Hannig (MA UCT)



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